06/14/2018 - For Sale -  3103235-11, Fresh Clean, Flow and Certification.
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3108164-2 STG1 Turbine Wheel:
05/19/2018 - For Sale -  Honeywell TPE331 1st Stage Turbine Wheel. 3108164-2. New disc and blades. Dual Release 8130-3
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Parts Casa 212:
04/04/2018 - For Sale -  46044560-00 Amplifier Radio Frequency NS, AC328028 / 47.222.220 Video Adaptor NS, EVTA820C Cooling Fan AR, CA75810-0001 Door lock Actuator AR, 5C16.42.35K.05.1.DA Airspeed Indicator NS, DL3933M1-1 Actuator AR/SV, C4033E Pump NS, C3495100084 Overspeed Warning NS, AC410032 Indicator AR, 7-151/1 Logic NS, 418-04014 Fuel Press Transmitter NS, D25-05 GCU NS, 170001 Shut Off Valve NS, 212-41200-1 Main Strut AR, 40251 Alternator AR, 677201006 Torque Limiter AR, BT30-6 Simulator AR, 204-031-920-1/J9797-1 Pylon Damper AR, AFG011783 Automatic Inertia Reel SV, PT-033C NS, 124.1007.1 Oil temp ind NS, 270-2436-040 Control Transponder NS, 692545-13AT /692545-13BB Valve Selenoid NS, 394408-8-1 Flow Devider NS, and etc
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