Does anyone know any current info on this guy: Peter Tan of SP DISTRI, Singapore??:
01/27/2019 - Wanted -  We have been looking for Peter Tan of SP DISTRI, Singapore since early 2012 to date. In early 2012, 3 Months after we paid a Starter Generator for C-130, Unfortunately he was not able to deliver this item. After the deadline was over, he promised to refund my money but STILL ZERO RESULTS until now!! When we want our money back Peter Tan always said Will revert asap further news since mid 2012. then he moved out without notifying us. Going, going, going and gone, So we have lost 20,500 USD for nothing!! Please be aware. Please contact me in private if you or other person is in the same case. Thank you in advance for sharing info with us.
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