Robinson R22 Altimeter Indicator:
09/17/2018 - For Sale -  We removed this inHg unit from a Robinson R22 and replaced with an mbar Altimeter. it's work fine. Price: 210 + shipping costs
 Contact: Heli Rhin   Phone: +33651767107   Email: Email  

Avidyne TAS 620 in good condition:
09/12/2018 - For Sale -  Incredible perfect visual condition. The speaker look like new! There is no scratches bruises and abrasions. Free from defects.It's a big huge rarity! speaker from the first owner.Perfect condition! wood like new. No signs of use.Used in a smoke-free place.Never repaired, in 100% original ! Great fast sound. Asking $4800
 Contact: Emmanuel   Phone: 719484990   Email: Email  

Garmin GPS500:
09/08/2018 - For Sale -  Garmin GPS500 available for sell. The unit is a 14/28 VDC. It comes with tray, backplate and new installation kit Antenna. Screen looks like new without any scratches.
 Contact: jlt jms   Phone: 5077887102   Email: Email  

09/05/2018 - For Sale -  B747 EFIS SYSTEM AVAILABLE FOR SALE p/n 195000-11 & p/n 195010-11. SERVICEABLE FRSH OEM 8130-3. Contact our Sales Dept for further Details
 Contact: Nick Cerullo   Company: New Generation Aircraft Services, Inc.   Phone: 516-579-8196   Email: Email  

08/16/2018 - For Sale -  CVR P/N 93A100-80 GOOD CONDITION AS REMOVED. PRICE US $ 800
 Contact: Williams Fuica   Company: Aerosoles ltda   Phone: 56931977927   Email: Email